Nero-what if 31 char insufficient

In nero, If I choose ISO2, 31 characters at most is permitted for file name. But sometimes it’s not enough for me. And I heard that JOLIET can make it 64 characters. Is that true?
I also heard that DISCJUGGLER allows more characters, could anybody tell me more about it?
Would appreciate any response.

Nero allows up to 64 characters.
RecordNow Max and similar (Prassi Primo, Sony CDExtreme…) up to 212 characters.
And I think that burnatonce around 100 characters.

This can resolve the problem at least for some of forums. Thank you very much, Oleg.

Sorry, I should have put the above words to somewhere else.

Thanks a lot, mimix.

mkisofs can create ISO image files containing file names with up to 207 chars and costs exactly nothing :smiley:

Thnx for the info.


Can I use mkisofs under Windows - it’s a Linux prog?

You can use the cygwin build under windows.

I don’t know why people consider this a linux tool. It runs on 15 or 20 different OSes…