Nero: What DVD-ROM compilation? (ISO, UDF, UDF/ISO)

Hi. I’m using Nero on my LG GSA-4082B drive, and I’m quite confused on what kind of compilation I’m going to write.

What are the differences with these compilations?

What is the difference with those UDF versions? Also, what does that Force DVD-Video compatibility mode do exactly?

Aside from that, will there be a difference whether I have DVD-R or DVD+R media to use along with those settings?

I hope someone could answer my questions, thanks.

If unsure, stick with UDF 1.02 for maxium compatibility.

UDF is an acronym for “Universal Disk Format”. It’s a specification for a filesystem intended for use on write-once and rewritable media.

[ul][li]UDF 1.02: first release; primarily useful for read-only media like DVD-ROM.
[/li][li]UDF 1.50: includes defect management, useful for CD-R and CD-RW.
[/li][li]UDF 2.00: adds support for Stream Files, Access Control Lists, and power calibration.
[/li][li]UDF 2.01: adds support for Real Time Files.
[/li][li]UDF 2.50: adds Metadata Partition.[/ul]
UDF is based on the ISO/IEC 13346 standard, now ECMA-167, available from

Thanks for the info…

So I presume that UDF 1.02 is recommended for DVD-Video burning… how about data backups?

I have the same question. I want to burn backups of my games by burning the images to DVD’s and i’m wondering if i should use UDF or UDF/ISO and which version of UDF i should use. I noticed that with just UDF i couldn’t use as long of disc name as i could with UDF/ISO. Which do you use for data DVD burning?

Well, for DVD-Video, we’d really recommend that thing you see in your screenshot that says “DVD-Video”.