Nero WaveEditor 4 does not record

Under Win2K/SP4, WaveEditor 4 opens, and also will open audio files and display/play them properly, but in trying to record audio via the record function, it seems to just go back into ready state and never actually is rolling in record.

I use Adobe Audition successfully, but it isn’t giving me access to record audio from DVDs in real time as they play, I’m hoping Nero can. I see the audio displayed on the VU bars, but never get the program to physically go into record mode. What am I missing here?


Hi Rivergoat and Welcome:

The only thing I can think of is whether you have selected the correct audio input line?

There are other programs that are free and highly recommended ( but you are in the Nero forum and I’d rather not steer you away. However, if you get stuck and can’t get Nero to work, you might try Audacity.