Nero Wave Editor

When I’ve edited a file, I try to save it over the original and it says ‘A temporary file could not be produced.’

I tried changing the temp directory but it still doesn’t work.

I’m using version

Any help?

Update, It can save an MP3 file over its self without a problem, but with WAV it can.

Edit, that was meant to say, ‘But with WAV it can’t.’

So nobody can help?

I don’t know if this helps but you can do that in Adobe Audition (cool edit) and other similar recording softwares.
Not only that. You can edit wavs and mp3-files so much that I can say there is no any limits to it. You can even make surround sound with help of Adobe Audition (former Col Edit) and it is really easy to do that.
I use NERO and Nero Vision a lot but when it’s a question of sound I do everything in Adobe Audition.

@ Evolva
Just a suggestion for a work-around, you could ‘save as’(instead of ‘save’) and just rename the new file with a number or letter ending like “songtitleA”, then go back and delete the original one, and then rename the altered one by dropping the added letter.

Yeah, thats what I’ve been doing. Just takes a little longer.

I tried Adobe Audition and it’s not as easy to use. I only use Wave Editor to remove the little silences as the beginning and ends of tracks.

To do so in A. Audition you just need to highlight the end (or begining) with a mouse end press delete button on you keyboard.
Save your changes and job is done.

Adobe seems to be complicated at first but it is worth a try.

You can fade in fade out, add the effekts like echo. digital delay, compresion,
Dynamic and others Eq. etc etc.
You can make mono, stereo or 5,1 surround audio files.

I suppose you did not double click on your mp3 to get to Adobe edit window.

I use other Adobe Audition, A. Photoshop, A. Premiere and A. Encore.
These 4 together helps me to make great home videos.

Still I use Nero beside them because Nero is great.

It is just matter to choose the right program for needed aplication.

Happy 4th, getting off the subject alittle, since you are dealing with nero wave editor, maybe you can help me, i have a song on my computer, mp3, about 4 minutes long and i only want the 1st 30 seconds of it and then cut the rest of the song off, how do i do this?