Nero wave editor


i have a really large mp3 file. its actually one entire album in a single mp3 file (its not albumwrapped). i wanted to split this up into individual files for each song. i was using nero wave editor to do this. while there seems to be no problem in splitting up the file, i wasn’t too sure if I lose any quality while splitting it cause if I split the file and save to new file it re-encodes it. It lets u re-encode to a variety of formats, i chose mp3. Can anybody pls tell me if I will lose quality somehow in this process?

If you decode to WAV only, then there’s no problem.

If you compress again to MP3 you’re losing quality because MP3 is a lossy format.

If you want to physically divide to several tracks, then use MP3DirectCut. It doesn’t recode anything.

If you only want to burn to several tracks, use the “split track” function you can find in Nero (properties of the long track).