Nero Wave Editor Spectrum Analyzer 'flashing'



(Not a show-stopping problem, but upsetting all the same…)

I’ve been using Nero 9 Wave Editor, under Windows 7 64-bit for a reasonable amount of time & have been very satisfied with the results.

The I had a problem on my PC which led to a complete re-install of everything, including Windows (the problematic AVG 2011 upgrade - you’ve probably read about that elsewhere)

Now, with the re-installed Wave Editor, the Spectrum Analyzer protion of the window does not display continuously during playback like it used to.
Rather, it ‘flashes’ on & off, as if there is some sort of botttleneck between I/O and display.

Has anyone else experienced this & if so, what did you do to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance


I have the same problem . both pc and laptop were working ok . now both analyzer and level meters flashing when useing wave editor . wondered if it started after a win7 update ?