Nero Wave Editor sound

I just upgraded from Windows ME to XP. I had been using my Nero 5.0 forever and haven’t had any problems. I had to reinstall it with XP and now, whenever I try to play a song in the wav editor, I get an error message: “error occured while trying to open the wave output device”

I like to listen to the songs to check them out (they have a beginning/end, what order I want them) before I burn them but there is nowhere in Nero that plays sound when you hit the play button.

What is wrong? What can I do to correct it?

in menu goto options>>device settings
select the sound card in both if not alredy so , and if it is alredy so and not on “wave mapper” its likely a driver issue or its cuz the the version is very old
get the latest nero from
of course the wave editor it comes with is also newer