Nero Wave Editor - Help

trying to use nero wave editor, hopefully that is the right program to use and i want to take a song that is about 4 minutes long and cut off the last 3.5 minutes of it, in other words i only want the first 30 seconds of the song put into a file by itself, how can i do this,?

first of all open your file

then select with mouse pointer the sequence that you want retain
may be useful to do a zoom of 3-500% to chose the exact point to cut

finally select menu “Edit” and then “Copy to file”

Select an output format and correct options


ok, help me out here and thanks for quick response. i brought up wave editor and then opened up the song and i clicked with mouse about 1/4 way into song thinking maybe that will be 30 secs roughly into song, went to edit and copy wasnt highlighted, what am i missing here, im newbe so pls explain in easy terms for this dummy, thanks.

try this other way

  1. Open the file

  2. From menu “Edit” select command “Define markers manually”
    This open a small window containing some box. There you must define start and end of selection. If you want obtain only the first 30 sec of the song, then you must leave all values on the first line at 0 and put a value of 30 in the box “sec” of the bottom line.

  3. Verify the selection.
    Press the spacebar to hear what you have selected. If 30 sec are not sufficient o are too much, then repeat the step 2 and modify the value on the box “sec”. Obviously, if you want retain more of 60 seconds, then you must select 1 on the box named “min”, because 60 seconds are 1 minute, and if you want select 65 seconds you must put 1 min and 5 sec, and so on.

  4. From menu “edit” select the command “Copy to file”

Hope this help :slight_smile:

you the man, so easy, thank you very much. bought the datapilot program and putting songs into my cell phone as ringtones.

You’re welcome :bigsmile:

I would like to put a file in my cell phone. How do you do it?


what kind of file. im using a program called DataPilot $80 at best buy to import my address book, ringtones, ect, cool program, not cheap but nice.

If you have a nokia phone may use Nokia Suite (find it at nokia site: should be free)