Nero vs Roxio?

Hi, my name is ofield.

I have a questio about Nero and Roxio. I have never used either, and
I was wondering which is the best. I’m mainly concerned with burning mpg
avi, etc video files to dvd. And slide shows.

Thanks for any Help you can Give Me…

I have used both, through the years, but I tend to like Roxio, in regards to editing tools and performance. It is more user friendly! JMO

I used both Nero 8 and Roxio EMC 9/10. What’s better ? Hmmm…
really hard to answer that because i used both but with certain application on a particular job. I like Roxio when it comes to RIPPING Audio CD’s and RENAMING AUDIO FILES because of its database Gracenote very good very few it can not identify. NERO, for some reason I always get an error accessing its database so I end up with no track/artist names when RIPPING. Also I use Roxio for Editing video. While NERO, I mainly use it for burning by using Express and DVDROM. Also the tools was great to have. :iagree:

So to answer your question? I can’t pick any of them that’s why I used both
:iagree: :wink:

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That post is way outdated! I thinks he want’s the new stuff fluff. LOL, JK Arachne:D

I prefer Roxio but, IMO, either one gets the job done.

[QUOTE=THE C.;1947555]That post is way outdated! I thinks he want’s the new stuff fluff. LOL, JK Arachne:D[/QUOTE]

Fluff! Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

You may have a point, but who knows the opinions within might still be handy :smiley:

OK, to add an on-topic bit…I’ve used Nero quite extensively since v5, but only come across Roxio (9) recently. As mentioned either one gets it done.