Nero vs Roxio

Which software is better? The Roxio Media Creator or the Nero 6 burning software?

Nero for life…been using it since version 4…

It is a matter of taste what is better for a user. Anyway, I prefer Nero. It owed its high reputation.

Nero all the way :p! isnt roxio coded NOT to copy games/data protechtion?


I’ve used both and prefer Roxio. I wouldn’t die for one or the other, just so happens. Nero has too many modular systems that don’t work, such as Showtime. Snap, crackle, pop audio, stuttering video or worse – a pop-up telling you you need a plug-in that’s included with your software. Since you can’t find it you have to download it, though there’s no place to download it from oftentimes.

True most of these modular programs aren’t really needed, but then why have them? Showtime was a little perk that made me buy Nero. The money would have been better spent on PowerDVD and keeping my Roxio 6.


I have both. I prefer Roxio EMC7 than Nero6, especially in multimedia application. But Roxio does not release updater that supports Dual-Layer. They have not released ANY updater since April. I feel Roxio EMC7 is ‘nearly obsolete product’. Sonic Solutions acquired Roxio several months ago. They might have no reason to update EMC7.

So I recommend Nero.

i tried roxio once. not a patch on nero 6, nero 6 was the best thing i ever bought.

ben :slight_smile:

When I first installed Windows XP, I then installed some utilities, including the software that came with my first CD-RW : Roxio Easy CD Creator 4. Windows XP installation was killed by it and after browsing the web I saw that if you have installed that thing, you have to reformat. WOW! some kind of applications. Nero all the way to go.

Easy CD Creator 4 does not support Windows XP. Ver4 is designed for Windows 98. Ver4 is ‘lethal software’ for Windows XP. You should use ver5.1 or later (if you want to use DirectCD, ver5.3.5 or later is required).

Yes, I learned it first hand experience. The thing that annoyied me was that I had to reformat. I’m also annyied by utilities that don’t just write itselves in a part of the hard drive and activate when I ask for them and only then.

This is an invitation to a religious war and God (or whomever) knows we have enough of that already. Both are excellent full-featured utilities for burning CDs and DVDs. I own, use and like both applications. Roxio’s reputation is still suffering from a buggy past release that trashed many systems, mine included. The new version, 7, is excellent and rock solid. The app is now owned by Sonic since Roxio now seems to want to concentrate on Napster. Big mistake from my point of view.

Nero hands down.

Nero has always been the most dependable burning software. It might leave a little to be desired in with it’s extra modules, but Nero’s primary purpose is to burn.
I’ve never seen that level of dependability from Roxio.
Nero Rocks!!

“Rock solid” my hairy behind. :Z
Installing the program not only stopped XP Pro from booting, their tech support had no answer as to why it also DESTROYED my installed Nero 6 (also a huge POS) and TMpeg. :eek:

I’ve removed all such apps from my system, and gotten a refund… yes, an actual refund.
I am now eagerly awaiting the next suggested app.
OOOOH boy. nothing like a hundred blank dvd’s that are useless.
Starting to think that the whole concept is a waste of time. I can find programs to do dang near anything with a dvd, and I can make them do anything I want … except BURN one.
I haven’t liked Nero 6 since minute one, either…
too buggy, constant crashes. And could we have the Nero Classic interface back?? SO much simpler than the wizard version. :iagree:

Any install of anything can trash your system and make you doubt the meaning of life. There are just so many variables. I’ve been where you are. NTI makes some pretty good software that ran on my system when nothing else would. I believe they still have trial versions available. Are you having trouble with anything else. Sometimes a system is unstable and anything can push it over the edge.

Umm… I don’t dislike either one. They both work well, but here’s how I see it:

If I’m installing a burning app onto Grandma’s computer, it’s going to be Roxio. Nero goes on my machine.

Roxio is an old S/W.
Nero is useful to activate many writers. Especially NERO EXPRESS Ver6

There is no such code, stop spreading rumors please! :slight_smile:

EMC7 supports copying in “raw mode”. It isn’t CloneCD, but neither is Nero.

And - Roxio’s EMC7 provides support for newer burners via access to the new burner’s firmware, so issuing new drivers for burners is an obsolete methodology to providing burner support.

Don’t get me wrong - Roxio’s EMC7 has it’s collection of issues, just like any other software package. The strength of EMC7 is probably its GUI “look and feel”, especially for the new user. But it is a full featured CD and DVD burning package which works just fine for most folks (much like Nero, I am sure). I’ve only experimented with Nero and although it worked fine, I didn’t care for it. I’ve been using Easy CD Creator in its various iterations since version 3. It has surely been a love/hate relationship at times, but for the most part, it has performed just fine.