Nero..VS....Music Match Jukebox..CD Burning

Ok here is the deal…I have several hundred MP3’s stored in my PC…They came from many Different sources…Most are older classic rock songs from the 60’s and 70’s…the audio on most play at the same volume but some are much louder…When I burn using Music Match they have an adjustment that burns them to the CD at the same volume so one song wont jump out at you and wake the dead…I just instaled Nero Ultra 6.0 and realy like the way it works and how easy it is to get to allmy files and burn a CD…BUT…the songs come out at different volumes…is there some adjustment in Nero I cant find that will adjust this…cause I realy like Nero…But dont like having my ears vibrated in my headphones…lol…Thanks for any info…BIG JOHN

Properties of the track.

Be careful because it might do more harm than good.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Nero damaged the sound of the tracks when normaling:

If you want normalization based on peaks, I’d suggest you to try Feurio!

The adjustement in Nero you are looking for can be found here. If you dont get it to work with Nero to a satisfory degree try Feurio as Minix suggested.

i would use MP3Gain to normalize ur songs, as it doesn’t use simple peak normalization, which is a poor way to measure a song’s perceived loudness. u may have two songs, one that’s loud most of the time and one that’s relatively quiet most of the time, and as long as they have the same peak value, they’ll have the same “loudness” level applied to them, whereas u actually wanted to raise the volume of the soft one (or lower the volume of the loud one). MP3Gain takes care of this problem, and doesn’t introduce clipping.