I hope this isn’t TOO stupid a question but will Nero 7 Premium Reloaded only work with Windows Vista or does it work with older versions of Windows like Windows XP Home ?
I have a bunch of music video’s on DVD and I’d like to create a new running order using the above application/software. However, when I try to upload the video’s I encounter a problem which baffles me.
First, the video’s seem to be in a folder but in segments rather than the whole video and if I use ‘Import Disc’ or ‘Add Video Files’ I encounter the same problems with sound i.e. when I go to ‘preview’ the sound is ‘clipping’ (I think that’s the correct jargon) or if you prefer a ‘crackling’ sound. I’ve tried reducing the audio volume to no avail. Video is fine sound is not, anyone any thoughts or solutions ?


Nero 7 works with Win2000 and newer:


Thanks, now I know. The reason I asked the question was that maybe my ‘sound’ problem was caused by Nero 7 not being compatible with Win2000.
Now that I know different, any ideas on my other problem ? I burned 1 music video onto a DVD+RW to see if the sound prob only occurred when previewing the video (within Nero) but what I got was NO SOUND AT ALL (when played on DVD player) only video. Why ?