NERO Visions -- cant edit existing photoslideshows

Hi. I have been using the Visions5 (Nero8) for years. it is extremely simply (for my simple mind so it worked for me).

On Jan 1st the program simply stopped wanting to open existing projects.

I called the GeelkSqaud thinking it could be a Virtual memory problem and while very nice they were not able to able to bring it back to Life. Unfortuntely they uninstalled the program and reinstalled but they didnt install all the patches that allowed this Nero to play nice with VISTA.

I took computer to a local geek shop and they WERE able to help…the installed for me Nero 9 and that allowed me to view all my slideshow projects.

The problem is that I can ONLY view…I cannot edit. The storyboard is not present and the EDIT button is inactve on existing projects (all is okay if I start a new slidehow

When I open a existing project I get the following message

Nero Essential:

The file ‘c:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero8\Templates\Standard2D\SD\Orbit\Orbit.prev.png’ is referred to in your project but does not exist in the file system.If you click OK, all references to this file will be removed from the project, meaning that objects in your project that previously referred to the file are no longer valid.

What is missing and how can I load it onto my computer so that I can view and edit all my old projects

Any assistance/direction would be GREATLY appreciated