Nero VisionExpress 2 - limited to 99 photos?!

Hi all, first post here. Been reading these forums a lot since I got my NEC 7173A drive (which seems good so far, burnt a nice DivX as a DVD last night ;)).

Anyway, I’m trying to use the above program to make a nice holiday compilation DVD with a mixture of jpg pictures, quicktime movies, and some nice transitions and my own MP3 as a backing track. Ultra-cheesy! I’d greatly appreciate some advice as to the best software to use, as having bought Nero I find it can only burn 99 pictures into the slideshow. Surely there’s a way round this?

Many thanks.

Take a look at this thread & my response. By the way, Are you talking about Nero Vision or Nero Express?

Welcome to CDF.

Thanks for the reply Jeff. Useful post. I am using something called NeroVision Express, so a bit of both in answer to your question.