Nero Vision7 not enogh space for temp files

Im simply trying to put a 867mb avi movie onto a dvd with nero vision 7. the only problem im havig is it when i press burn nero says “not enough space for temporary files in the specified folder…” i dont know what is wrong i tried changing the temp folder but still the same message.i just want to burn a dvd :a if anyone could help me right quick id appreciate it. :smiley:

Some versions of NeroVision 4 have been having problems with .avi files. There seems to be a issue with conversion on files encoded certain ways. I might suggest, you first export the file and then put it back in NeroVision, or use something like ConvertX to put it into a different format, or at least a standard .avi format.

If you don’t mind, look at the file in the editing page and hold the mouse over it. What specifications does it show as far as frames per second and other info? Other posts has given an indication that some files are even ballooning to a much larger size that they should after being encoded.

I am hoping the latest update, which isn’t out yet, will help in this area.

file type:other
resolution: 720x576
aspect ratio: 4 : 3
frame rate;25.00fps
video duration: 1:30:27:28h
audio duratio:1:30:27.19h
number of frames :135682
also nero says"Your project contains more PAL than NTSC material, but will be encoded in NTSC if you use the current settings. Do you want to change the settings to PAL, so that your project will be encoded in the video mode that matches the majority of the project’s contents?". so should i just use convertx or watever and convert the avi file to a mpeg file or wat?

Frankly, I thought it would only have problems if the fps were something other than 25 or 29.97. Do you work with PAL? If so, I would assume you would set it to PAL. Sometimes on these forums you are not exactly were everyone is located.

Maybe the mixture of AVis is causing problems, since the NTSC ones are probably 29.97 fps.

Maybe you could convert each file separately to check if one is causing problems or use ConvertX to do them all. I have never used ConvertX, so I can’t give much guidance there.

Saltgrass, it is the latest update, that is causing the problems. didn’t seem to have the avi problems.


The first Nero error message is just because you’re short on disk space. Nero could use 10gb+ of space doing a conversion.

The second problem is just because your “project” or default settings are NTSC & it’s a PAL movie.
If you live in a PAL region then your default should be PAL anyway. Otherwise if you have a DVD player/TV that can handle PAL then also set the project setting to PAL. If your equipment can’t handle PAL movies then you need to convert to NTSC format. Don’t know if Nero does this , but generally this type of conversion doesn’t yield very good results.


The same version of NeroVision 4 ( is contained in both the and releases. The last version I have found to not have a problem converting files was, which is what I am still using (NV7 v Since I have not been able to do any research on the .avi problem, you might be right, but I would think the same version would yield the same problems.

There are some new features in, such as the "automatic(fit to disc)’’ option under video options, and the new 3d menu. It seems to work better for me if I use one of the other presets under video options and no menu.

Saltgrass, I went and checked after reading your post and my version of nero vision in is Where did you see that previous version number? Was that a typo in your post?

edit: I unzipped the package and managed to find the vero vision cab, and extracted the executable, and you were right, it is But as I said, in, my nero vision version says

Only solution which is working to select image file option.So just creat a temp folder on any available space on any drive and it works.