Nero Vision5 sees bd25GB, but not bd50GB

This is my first post on the forum, so hello all! :slight_smile:

And here’s my problem:

I have created some AVIs from my ooold VHS camcorder and wanted to burn them onto a BD that would be playable in standalone players. This is purely file size related and making a switch to Blu-Ray, rather than to do with quality.

Anyway, having a BD-RE burner in my laptop (matshita UJ-210), and full v. of Nero 8, I figured I’d burn onto a 50GB BD.

I previously burned some files as they were, onto the 50GB BD using nero, and it went fine.

However, when in Vision 5 I go into “Make Blu-ray Disc” -> “Editable Blu-ray Disc” it doesn’t see the 50GB disc and throws a message: “In order to start a project on an editable disc, you must first insert an appropriate disc into your recorder” while I have an empty Sony BD inside!

However, it sees the 25GB discs just fine, and 50GB in regular record mode as well…

Can anyone explain this to me? What’s wrong?