Nero Vision

I have the Nero 7 Ultra Edition.
And everytime i click on the program Nero Vision, or click on to Copy a DvD Movie, the program does not come up…But when i click on it again…it says"Application is running"

Please Help

Have you checked the Task Manager to see if the process is running? Are you giving it enough time to start up, some versions have takes several minutes? Nero also tries to call home, so it might be messing with an internet connection before it starts and if it can’t get one, it might be having problems.

Otherwise, all I could suggest is to use the clean tool to remove and then reinstall. If you had Version 6 installed first, make sure to use the tool for version 6 also.

The best way to resolve the issue if any do what Saltgrass suggested remove the Nero completely, reboot your computer and reinstall Nero.

i had the same problem until i updated windows xp. it took 5 to 6 min to load but then it would work fine.