Nero vision

Hi, this is my 1st post so excuse me if i’m asking something stupid. I’m 69 and not all that savvy with computers.
I have been archiving my old family videos onto dvd for my childrem and as one son lives in the USA have had to convert from PAL to NTSC which was successful at first but am now receiving an error message stating"THE DIRECTORY YOU SELECTED ALREADY CONTAINS VIDEO_TS DIRECTORY. ALL IFO,VOB & BUP FILES WILL BE DELETED. DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE YES? NO?
The files i’m using are MPEG2 which I recorded from my vcr via S.Vidio cable through Power Cinema.
I’m using nerovision within Nero 7 to burn theDVD. If I click YES to the above message the program goes through the process and tells me the recording was successful however it dosn’t seem to have done anything also the DVD isn’t ejected as it normally does at the completionof the recording. I have no trouble when burning Mpeg to Mpeg.
I didn’t mention that I get the Error message when I drag the file across into the complination to be burnt
How do I extract the required files across without this VIDEO_TS folder it’s in as I can’t delve into the folder and as I said I have done this with no problem before?
Excuse me if I’ve rambled on bit not sure how much info to give.
Any help would be gratefully recieved

Video_TS is one of 2 folders in a DVD structure (the other being named for audio and is empty), and is the one that holds your files not Mpegs but VOBs, BUPs and IFOs having the stuff other than video files.
When you ask Nero to create a DVD video it will create this structure, but you can’t just drag Mpeg files to Video_TS.
Nero has aan application that authors DVDs and takes care of the conversion of your Mpegs to VOBs and to create all the structure, including the IFO and BUP files, when necessary.
Have a look to:
yuo’ll find info about applications and guides for a lot of video related tasks.

When Nero creates a DVD, it puts all the files into a temporary folder.

If you have used nerovision before, it probably hasn’t cleared out the old files in the temporary folder after you burnt them.

Over-writing old temporary files shouldn’t be an issue, unless you spent ages converting them to DVD compliant files & haven’t written them to DVD yet.

Many thanks for your help Agomes & Debro, I’ve updated my Nero 7 and everything appears ok now