Nero Vision XVID problems



I am trying to take a tv series and put it on dvd the only problem is most episodes start out just fine but somewhere after 10 minutes the audio goes off by 1.5 to 3 seconds however on the xvid the audio is perfect. This happens on most of the shows. Anyone have experience with this and know how to fix it. I have never had problems with this before but it hapens on all nero vision versions that I have.

Nevermind I did a search and found a bunch of things to try and will report back what I find.

Sorry I know should have searched first.


Welcome anyway.

I don’t use Nero for this but I encode each episode separately to MPEG2 then use a DVD Authoring program to create the finished DVD - DVDlab or Tmpgenc DVDAuthor. Works fine.



what do you use to encode to MPEG2? I’ve had these same problems with XVID files and would like to try something else.