NERO Vision & XP errors - and question about going VISTA - HELP

Hi Folks…I didnt know where else to come so I am hoping that someone here can help or at least point me in the right direction.

I currently have Nero 8 and using it with windows XP. I am not the most technical of people but for the most part I have been able to use Nero VISION 5 and I have been able to put all my digital pictures in one place and create slide shows.

I was going great…made a couple…life was good and then tonight, outta nowhere I am getting error messages.

I have a slideshow that I started that I was working on. Tonight I tried to add 3 pictures. When I hit save…there is no problem… when I click NEXT to get me to the menu section where I would normally add the theme/header footer it automatically closes out the priogram and when I try to open up the file from scratch I get a error message and it wont let me in there again.

Lucikly I had a copy of the file in my Maxtor and I went in tried again with only 1 picture …instead of 3 …same problem. Then I thought, maybe there was a problem with my memory card on my digital camera and s a fluke I tried to add a OLD picture that is already on the slideshow…and SAME THING.

I am getting a new laptop and it comes with VISTA…does anyone know if NERO8 is compatible or will I have to pull out whatever is left of my hair??
ANYWAY, know what in the flying fig is going on?
If any way understands what I just said or can point me in the right direction please let me know.
THANK YOU in advance!!

42Nata, you have 30 minutes to edit your post. After that, only a moderator/administrator can make changes. Having said that, [B]remove your e-mail address [/B]as you are inviting spam. Members can contact you through PM or the forum.

Anyway, to answer your 2nd question, Nero 8 is compatible with Vista. No worries there.

Regarding your 1st question, unless the program crashed and needs to be reinstalled, it’s likely that you renamed or changes the path name of the pictures. When that happens, Nero loses them and they need to be added again to your slideshow.

Update: To see what I mean, place some files in a project and save the project. Then, change the file name and/or location and reopen the project. The files whose names were changed should not be there. Keep this in mind as some users think that Nero retains the media that was added to a project (it does not).

Hi Jeff
Thank you for heads up on the email address…already edited my original post.

As for your comments.
I guess the program musta crashed because I did not change the name/path and I did a test with older slideshows.

I try to add pictures. In some tries it DOESNT accept the change/addition at all and goes back to the original version…in other attemps I get a erro message that says "NERO VISION: ERROR OPENING 'C:\Documents and Setting\user\My Documents\Nerovision/Photoslide show

If this is really a crash…what do I do? (remember, I think I mentioned I am a idiot…er…and if I didn’t, well, I am).

Here are two links.

The safest method is to first remove Nero using the clean tool remover (restart even if it doesn’t say so) and then install the program. Add your serial number to make it permanent.

I think I mentioned I am a idiot
As I mentioned in other posts, unless you ask for a price check in a dollar store, you’re not an idiot.

Thank you Jeff. I appreciate the guidance.

Hopefully I can get this fixed so that I salvage the slide show that I was working on.

NOW, as for my second issue…will I be going thru this all over again with Vista or just I just cut my losses and NOT both loading NERO8 into my new laptop when I get it?

As long as you don’t rename files/folders/pathnames (which you said you didn’t), it should work. To be extra safe, place the media in the same folder as the project so they are always there (usefull when backing up a project).

My experience with the most recent version of Nero 8 is that it is very stable (not true with Nero 9).

Once again THANK YOU.
I am using the 2 links you gave me to try to clean and update Nero8 and if that works (hopefully…otherwise, pay no attention to the scream you may hear) then I will know to do the same when I load my Nero8 to the laptop with the Vista.
I want to start fresh with that and the last think I need is to load a program that will give me more grief.
again…Thank you!!

This wasn’t mentioned but:

If you are burning your files (backup or otherwise e.g. play sideshow on the TV), always use quality media. This usually means Verbatim (available locally) or Taiyo Yuden (on-line). For DL media, only use Verbatim.

YES…that I knew…after finding out the hard way…

As forNero itself, I have been having issues with other things (I always thought I just couldnt figure it out…but I could never BACK UP my files…it goes thru the motions…says finalized…but it I try to view the dvd on another computer I get coasters)…the only thing that HAS been working for me has been the NERO VISIONS…well until it decided to be “playful” last night