Nero vision with Sony DHR-HC1 produced HD video

I’m confused as to how to properly render an HD video with Nero Vision 6.

I’ve captured video from my DHR-HC1, which interestingly (to me) is at resolution 1440x1088. I had expected the resolution to be 1920x1080, given that the camera claims to be 1080i. I assume that what is going on here is that with 4:3 rectangular pixels 1440 translates to 1920, making the 1440 the right width. I don’t know why the height is 1088 instead of 1080. What normally is a 1080i picture? Are the pixels normally assumed to be square, and hence you would need 1920 of them to get a 16:9 aspect ratio? All this is confusing to me and I would appreciate if someone could give a quick explanation or pointer to one.

In any case, I now need to figure out that settings for Nero Vision, given the input MP2 file in 1440x1088 format. I want “HD” output. Now I become totally confused. If I just use the Nero HD profile, things don’t work. Nero appears to assume the 1440x1088 has square pixels, and hence puts bars on the right and left side of the image to pad things out to 1920 (I guess square) pixels. I tried telling Nero Vision to resize the input image to 1920, and that sort of worked - now the image filled the full width and appeared to have the correct aspect ratio to my eye. However blue artifcats appeared on the top and bottom of the screen.

Could someone please explain what I am doing wrong here?


1080i is not 1080p, as for the res.