Nero Vision vs Windows Movie Maker: File Size

Hi Folks,

Using Nero Vision to capture video from my Sony miniDV, I notice the AVI files are about 3GB per every 15 minutes, which I think is normal. I also have Windows Movie Maker which rips the video from the camera to AVI but at a significantly smaller size… a lot smaller. I’ve not really noticed a quality difference when playing back AVIs through Windows MP no matter if I use Vision or Movie Maker.

Wondering why Vision’s files are so much larger, and if Movie Maker shouldn’t be used and why not?

Also, I noticed the AVI feature films that can be downloaded through bit torrent are around 700MB and the quality is amazing. Why are these so small when 15 minutes with my videa camera take 3GB?


Downloaded files are mpeg4 (DivX, Xvid) which is about 4x smaller than mpeg2(DVD)
For camera download to your program it all depends what codec is used, therefore different compression rate.

Ah, cool. thanks.

I’m wondering if Nero Vision supports mpeg4 when I rip from the camera. I guess I’ll have to play around with that. thx

Do not use mpeg4 before editing. It has too much compression and I do not think there is too many software to edit that format.
Best for edit is DV avi, but very big file. Over 15-20GB for 1 hour of video.

thanks again. I’m going to see if I can tell which compression both nero and movie maker use and go from there.