Nero Vision - Video DVD issue

Hi everyone!
I have Nero 9 and I am having a little issue with Nero Vison…
I asked a friend of mine to record some videos to me and he recorded them in a video dvd with a menu (It is a "normal"dvd, that one with 4.7GB). Unfortunately, he messed up with some titles and some details on the dvd menu(eg: what is said to be video 3 is actually video 5). So I had this idea of using Nero Vision to import this DVD and just make a new menu to it fixing everything…
So I opened Nero Vision and selected “Make DVD…” and then “DVD-Video”. Then I imported the DVD of my friend. And I don’t really know why but somehow its size was bigger and didn’t fit a DVD anymore. So I tried to reduce its size by reducing its quality and changing the video mode to NTSC but even with the worst quality possible, it is still bigger than a 4.7GB DVD and thus I can’t burn it.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? :confused:
Thank you!
PS: Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I’m new here

After you made your changes, did you re-encode the video?? If so, how much bigger is it? You could also try to make your changes, using DVDSHRINK to reauthor the video.

I am not really sure if I get what you mean by re-encode.
You know Nero Vision right?
What I did was just open the dvd there and make a new menu for it… And it got bigger… Its size was 4.55 with its quality reduced compared to the original one.
Can DVDSHRINK make changes in a DVD menu?

I solved my problem! :slight_smile:

I am actually quite newbie in burning softwares but I’ll share what I did.

=>My problem was: The titles in my dvd menu were not in the correct order. What it was said to be movie 3 was actually 4 and so on.
=>Solution I found:
I opened the dvd on DVDSHRINK and with the “Full Disc” option selected I made a backup of it to my hard disc.
Then, to make the wrong order correct I switched some names manually in the folder where I did the backup. What I mean is, if the menu thinks that movie 3 is 4 and movie 4 is 3 I just need to switch their names right?
After that, I opend the folder where I changed the names myself on DVDSHRING and made an image with it.
Finally I burned the image on Nero.

It worked pretty well to me.
Thanks to harley2ride who told me about DVDSHRING!