Nero-Vision Slide Show

Using Nero-Vision 7 Ultimate version. I am trying to create a slide show but I am unable to insert pictures into the the timeline at a specific point.

I can add them add them to the end by dropping them on the blank last picture place holder but if I try to drop them anywhere else in the timeline they always are added to the front.

I am attempting to create a show that is a consolidation of several family members photo collections from a recent vacation and would like them to be in chronological order but until I figure out how to drop them in the correct place it is going to be difficult to do.

I know that I can move them around once they are in the timeline but with over 400 pictures it gets to be very difficult navigating the timeline while in Move Mode.


you have to just drop the pictures in then once on the storyboard you
drag and drop the pictures in front of the other one. move it to its
place in line