Nero vision questions



ok i have several questions.

  1. when i open nero vision i don’t get the dvd optoin? is that because i do not have a dvd burner?

  2. thier is 4 formats you can exprot to mpeg 1 and 2, nero digital and avi. now since it is mpeg 2 is what most dvd players read what are the other 3 for?

  3. since i do not like the editing of the movies on vision i am going to edit with premier. can i just export with premier when i am done editing to mpeg-2 or mpeg-2 dvd (not sure right yet what it is that i need to use or what the difference is.) so i do not have to hasel with the encoding step when creating dvds with nero vision.

  4. when i try to create a title for a vcd ir svcd it wont let make other menus. just the one. how do i do that. is that also because i do not have a dvd burner?

  5. also is is possible to create the main menu menu with buttons that say play movie extras and chapters and the chapters goes to another menu where you can select what chapers you want to watch have the extras button to go to another menu that has extra features. you guys know what i am talking about. i want to create buttons and menus to look like a dvd you bought at the store. can someone tell me how to do that?

  1. Yes, unless you have some limitation on the software.

  2. If you want to make a DVD, you do not use the Export function. The files will be transcoded later in the normal process. The Export function is for converting or putting certain files in a format you want them.

  3. NeroVision will take many types of video files, so yes, you can drop them in and make a DVD. I don’t know if it will hold all the special effects, but if you have problems you might try a file without them.

  4. I am not sure I understand the question. You get one menu button for each title. If you need more options for the buttons or background or whatever, you can download extra stuff from Nero.

  5. The main menu will put one button for each title. Each can have a sub menu for the chapters in that title. You can change the way the navigation is handled if you click on MORE while on the Select Menu page. You will just have to play with the options to see if you can get something you want. In your case, you might make a title with the separate extra features as chapters of that title. You can add video files to a title on the Edit page, then create chapters for each video.

  1. ok i installed the extra options but it looked the same. do you have to restart first? because i restarted berfore i went to sleep last night but have not checked if it makes a differnce. and since i do not have a dvd burner (i am ask all these questions because i am getting one soon.) i do not get the option to make a dvd so i have to see what it looks like when you create vcd. would that be y because i do not know if the options and menus look different.

  2. and for the sub menues i believe that is what i am mainly looking for. that is the feature where you can create a button that say chapeters and you can click on it and it goes to another menu that has the amination of the chapters or pic or what ever right. can you explain how to do that please.(i need to know how to do the linking as well to the other sub menu.)

  3. please tell me how i would go about makeing a button that says play movie chapters ect.

  4. how to i create another menu

if you or someone could help me with these questions would be great! i believe this is all of the ones that i need to know.


A lot of questions–start here: