Nero Vision problem with exporting to AVI



Hi.Im using Nero Premium and always had this problem with exporting my movies to AVI.When i click on "Export" i always have this error message and it goes back to the editor screen.I dont have this problem if i select any other exporting format like DVD,MPEG1,2 or Nero Digital.I have many AVI codecs installed and they show up in the “Details” window.I set the right codecs like DivX Codec for video and PCM for audio,but always have this error message.Can anyone tell me what to do to make it work?


What type of file are you trying to export?


Dear friends

i am using nero 7 v 8.5.0 when i use to convert avi to dvd when i blouse using nero the avi file is not displaying or it said codec is not there but in my system all codec has installed in my system can any one help me