Nero vision problem while making videos

hello everyone,
i used nero vision to make some videos and when i get to the final step and start to burn the videos to the hard disk or dvd, it says “creating menus and transcoding”. and nero 8 stops working. it doesnt really freeze though. it never makes any progress from there. i waited for hours and still nothing. AND, this only happens when i merge the video files together.

Transcoding means it is having to convert the videos. You are going to dvd-video format? That will take some time.

When it is doing this, open Task Manager and look at the cpu usage. If it is pegged out, near 100%, then you know the program is still working.

Nero Vision would not be my choice for a conversion/authoring program, but it is convenient and newbie friendly. You might want to start looking at other options if you cannot get it to work in the manner you want.

yeah i checked the task manager it was like 92%. i waited for like 5 hours and still it wasnt complete. but check this out. when the output video file size exceeds more than 6 gbs then it happens. if i keep it below 6 gbs it works fine. and i am using nero vision because you can create menus easily and you can cut/merge flv files too. are there other softwares like this?

ConvertXtoDVD is one of the best…though not free. On the free side look at FAVC or DVD Flick. And conversion time is dependant upon cpu speed.

Since you specifically mention .flv editing and dvd authoring as part of your requirements, no, I don’t know of any programs off hand that would act as a replacement. Not combined into one package.

You may just have to research it a bit yourself. Look at programs from Adobe, Pegasys, and Ulead-Corel.

Or stick with this effective 6gb limit in Nero.