Nero Vision not working - anyone know why?



Something somewhere is b*ggering it up.
First I noticed was when I went to add video files.
It didnt work.
I had to drag and drop. THAT worked.
I went to select a background pic. THAT didnt respond.
You cant drag and drop there. It didnt matter anyways. The burn failed, and didnt even start.
White X on red backgrounds galore.

Anyone know why ?


Yet another help thread goes ignored…


If you did provide a minimum of details about what you are trying to do with what piece of code (did you wrtite it yourself? are you using an example?), which version, what type of file, etc…, and what does not work, then people could try to answer.


[B]Do you think a comment like this HELPS[/B] :confused:

when I had problems with Nero Vision I tried many things including delete and reinstall; only when I did a full Windows reinstall did I get all back. Good Luck