NERO Vision - New Sub-forum

I have been using CD Freaks now for a couple of months so am still a newbie. I note that this “Nero & InCD” is the second most popular in the “CD and DVD Burning Software”.

I have to admit that my current interest is centered on Nero Vision but I do notice that there are a great many posts specifically directed at this application and that whithin these there are also many dealing with editing/production as opposed to “burning” which is really the last stage in the process.

In view of the popularity of Nero Vision as a “total package” perhaps our Administrators may like to give some consideration to setting up a “NERO Vision” sub-forum along the same lines as “NERO Linux”.

How do other users feel?

One of the things I discovered helping people with Nero problems is that they often confuse the family of applications within Nero (e.g. Vision, Recode, Express Burning Rom, Vision Express). That is, they use the wrong one and then get frustrated. Additionally, the program can be buggy which compounds the problem.

I think if we had a sub-forum for Vision, it would compound the difficulties and newbies would be even more confused.

Yes Jeff, I take both your points but when I first joined the group it was this very “confusion” and large number of questions directed at what I saw as the “wrong” application that had [still has] me spending a lot of time chasing dead end messages. I often get lost trying to relate messages which really have a common thread but have not been connected to a previous similar question :frowning: .

I have been using NERO for a number of years so am not really a newbie to Nero but rather to the group. My take on this problem was that sub-forums [fora :wink: ] could be the way to go. Then, if you did find a post relating to the wrong use of a particular application the poster could be directed to the correct sub-forum.

As an example. If a person is using Vision/Vision Express when they should be using Recode and they ask a question in the Vision sub-forum helpers will then be able to say [I]“From what you say you are trying to do you should be using Recode not Vision. Try using Recode…bla, bla, bla…and if you have any further trouble post your question to the Recode sub-forum.”[/I]

Let us see what others think.

BTW - After I made my post I found out how to set up a POLL which I obviously should have done. When all else fails RTFM :doh: Next thing I better do is set up my signature correctly!

You make lots of good points. It would be great to get some input from one or more moderators and get their take as they get to see the big picture.

I agree there are people interested in Nero Vision but creating a sub-forum when we already have Nero forums will create chos. People will crosspost on a consistant basis, we get alot of that now even with the forums and subforums designated to certain softwares. I think that creating a thread pertaining to your topic within the Nero forum is enough, but this is just my opinion.