Nero Vision Menu Authoring - Problem Menus

I am using nero vision 4 to author DVD’s of home movies. All my movies are in mpeg format, 352 x 480, 2500 bitrate. I have smart encoding on, and nero vision seems to finish the product without any reencoding or other problems. However, the menus Nero makes never work! You cannot highlight any buttons, ones that highlight dont go to the right menu, etc. This only happens when burning in half D1 (352 x 480), but I don’t want to change this to full D1 b/c nero would reencode all my files. Does anyone know a work around for this? Thanks

All I might say is I have some that are 320x240 and 1/4 D1 and the menu buttons seem to work in the simulation. If your work in the simulation, but not after being burned, let me know and I will burn an image and check it there.

I tried burning using custom settings of 1/4 and 1/2 D1. The 1/4 menus worked, but not as they were designed. The 1/2 D1 menus would not function. If I burned the same videos using automatic, the menus worked fine, so I don’t really know what might be causing the problem.

Oh man I think you just solved all my problems! I just authored my files again and changed the burn settings to automatic. It made the menus in 720 x 480 full D1, but kept the original files in 352 x 480 half D1. With smart encoding on, it didn’t try to re-encode any of the files. After (god only knows) how many hours I have put into this, I will finally have a finished product! Thanks so much!