Nero Vision malfunctioning

I have Nero Vision 4 with Nero Ultra Edition 7. For a little while now I’ve been using Nero Vision to make Video DVDs from movie files, add them to a project, assemble a menu, then let the program transcode the video files and burn the lot to a video DVD.
But today it started malfunctioning. I go through the whole project building process alright, but when it gets to the pennultimate stage, i.e. transcoding video before burning DVD video, the program always fails. About 2-5 minutes into the transcoding process, the program aborts with the simple “Write failed” message, and prompts me to save a log which it promises will be very useful in finding out what went wrong. However, when I open the log, it tells me nothing, it’s a whole bunch of techno-jargon that even I do not understand, and doesn’t reveal anything about the problem. I know it’s not a blank media problem, because among other reasons, the same failure happens when I select “Write to Hard Disk Folder.”

Any ideas on what might have happened?
Thanks in advance.
BTW I’ve attached one such log file to this post if anyone can gather anything useful from it.

Well I like Nero, I also use version 7. The various tools it offers, Wave editor, SoundTraxs, Recode, CD-DVD Speed, etc are great. But I’ve found in the past that Nero Vision is very easy to break.

I would suggest looking into one of the codec viewers for broken codecs and compare what they have to say, Nero wise.

This app can sometimes repair.

Delete any broken Nero codecs, then try Nero’s Clean tool and get the newer version of NV, I use NV, and re-install.

The main thing I gleaned for your log was this:

SEH EXCEPTION (0xC0000005: ACCESS_VIOLATION) was raised in [B]NEEM2V.DLL[/B]

A possible easier solution here if you are comfortable with K-Lite:

Thanks for the info MysticEyes, I tried all that but so far still no luck.

I continue to experiment and so far, it seems to be just one video file that’s causing all the trouble - I tried a different project with anoter Mpeg2 video, and it worked, so now I’m transcoding that video into an AVI, see if that helps, and I’m also going to put the same version of Nero onto a 2nd machine, virgin installation, to see if the same project works on it.

The only thing I haven’t done yet on my main PC is to uninstall Nero altogether, use that Neroclean tool and reinstall.

If neither of the above work, can you recommend an alternartive DVD-Video burning suite that would do the same job? (e.g. take 640*480 Mpeg 2 videos, make a simple menu, transcode the lot to a DVD video structure and burn to DVD/Video)?
I’m trying to migrate a bunch of VHSes to DVD and this is a major PITA.

A free app that is a frontend for many hard to use but excellent programs.

The author is constantly updating it and is very responsive at his forum. I use it and like it. I would suggest having ffdshow and Haali splitter installed.

With longer running times it will use HCenc for encoding. But you can lock in 2 pass HCenc for all encodes if you like. The output is great and you can also alter and preview the Avisynth script, nice for some final tweaks.

I believe the last latest version does not include ImgBurn (for the final burn) get it here and set it up in the Settings.

Final update:
After doing a long battery of tests, I decided to re-install Nero Vision to try to repair any program corruption. That is, went to Control Panel/Add Or Remove Programs/Nero 7/Change, went through the component list and removed Nero Vision, proceeding with amendments. 5 minutes later I reinstalled Nero Vision via the same procedure and it works perfect now.
:clap: :bigsmile:

Note to self (and other Nero Vision users) if NV starts acting kooky, take the nuclear option

BTW Mysticeyes, ty for the links :flower: