Nero Vision keeps crashing

Hi hope someone can help or have some ideas on this.

I’m trying to use Nerovision Express 2 but every time I use it just disappears, without warning. I choose the avi’s I want on the DVD and then it’s gone. No errors messages or anything, it sometimes goes to burn but the same happens it just closes.

My system specs are

Intel 3.02 GHz
512 Meg ram
60 gig HD
Windows XP Home
Nero 6

I have the same problem as you do-the program starts transcoding, and it just dissapears from the screen after about 45-50 minutes of doing that. It is very frustrating, haven’t found out why yet…I have the latest version from Ahead (
I have a P4 2.6Ghz, 512 MB, 80GB HDD, Gforce2 card 64MB. Anyone can help? Thanks

I am running NVE (the latest that I know of from 4-Feb-2004, posted on Nero site), and sometimes I have problems with it hanging, but only when it is transcoding something I have edited (removed commercials) And this doesnt always happen, and it does not appear length-related. I have had successful transcodings when I only eliminate the beginning and end of the MPEG-2 for DVD.
I am working on trying to export the MPEG, as if it is corrupted a certain point. Chapters do not affect the outcome. I do not get a black screen, just a frozen one. I have turned off antivirus, and completely disabled screen savers and power saving. Also I am using DirectX 9.0b
Just adding to the thread…