Nero Vision - Jittery picture on burning DVD


I’m backing up old video tapes to DVD but have encountered a problem in Nero Vision.

Having spent ages making the menus, chapter points etc, when I play the burnt DVD on standalone player the picture’s jittery whenever there’s any motion (as if it’s slightly double vision, to the point it’s a bit nauseating to watch).

It’s as if the speed or quality is too high, but I’ve tried lowering the quality in Nero Vision (via Video Options > DVD) but the problem still occurs.

I read that Nero Vision re-encodes perfectly good video, screwing it up in the process. Does anyone know if this is correct as the video appears fine when I watch it, it seems to only go wrong in the encoding/burn process?

Thanks heaps for reading this and for any advice which may be offered - god knows I need it! :rolleyes: