Nero Vision Help

OK, everything works great most of the time. But when my computer locks up sometimes (not because of the program), and my burning doesn’t get done correctly somehow it takes up GBs of my space. I’m guessing there is some file it is burning it too while I burn then it cleans it out when I am done and when I don’t finish they stay in there. Anyone know where this file may be or how to correct this?


Can someone please help me?

I know that the temporary files are not being stored in the Nero folder because I un-installed it and reinstalled it. Someone told me it was a temporary file, but I can’t find where it is.

:frowning: Awww come on.

Please be patient. Bumping like this will only irritate those that are likely to be able to help.

There a small , free utility called [B]I.Disk[/B] that is very useful for showing where space is being used. It sums by folder & allows you to drill done the tree structure.