Nero Vision Help

I was using the Nero 6 OEM version and wanted to create a movie using the video files from my digital camera. I downloaded the update to Nero 7 in order to support MPEG4 files.

Now when I add the files from my digital camera into Nero vision 4.0, some of the files play perfectly (audio and video) and other files play the video, but the audio stops part way through. I videos play fine in Realplayer and Quicktime, so I know the files are okay. It must be Nero. Any ideas on how to make this work? My project is due in less than two weeks, and I don’t have confidence Nero Tech will respond to help me.

Did you capture the files as AVI or as MPEG2. You should capture as uncompress avi, using HUFFYUV. Check out, and you will find multiple tools for converting avi files to dvd, divx, etc…

I didn’t capture the video. I just copied the video from my Kodak digital camera to my hard drive. The files are quicktime videos in MPEG-4 format. I was using Nero 6.0 oem and when I first tried to pull the videos into Nero Vision 3.0 I received the message about needing to upgrade because the patent or something ran out on MPEG-4. So I upgraded to Nero 7.0. I didn’t think I would need to convert the videos after the upgrade. What I really don’t understand is why some of the videos play fine, and others the video plays and the audio stops mid-way through. As you can tell, I’m very new to the whole video editing/capturing world.

Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that it was digital camera video, I thought you meant a digital video camera. You can still find what you need by searching on