Nero Vision groups

I have been working with Nero for quite some time, but this eludes me.

I create many different DVD slide shows from my child’s sporting seasons and various Family events and hand them out as gifts to those involved. I create many groups to keep my photos and music organized and this works well.

When I am done with a DVD, I will take the directory used to make the DVD and burn it so I can recreate the DVD at a later time if necessary.

Now the problem. I have about 50 groups in the group drop down menu and it is getting ugly to browse through them all to find the one I am looking for in my current DVD project. I would like to know where this information is stored so I can remove them from the listing, yet still have the information stored somewhere so I can recreate the DVD years later if necessary. I have looked in both the registry and tried to find files that contain the group titles, yet have not found it.

Nero Vision :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated.

If you are referring to the saved projects, they are kept in the My Documents folder under NeroVision\Video Projects. Do a search for .nvc if you want.

When you choose open saved project, you should be able to delete the listing in the dialogue box that comes up.

I am not referring to the saved projects. I create those in the individual directories that I back up. I am referring to the groups and their objects that are available across multiple projects (the groups that contain the pictures and audio files).

I guess I don’t understand.
[B]“the group drop down menu” [/B]
Where exactly is this drop down box? The reference to [B]group[/B] doesn’t show up in my install.

DVDDaddy, this GROUP thing eludes me also. Never seen these in Nero. Can post a screenshot if it so that we can get a better idea.

Here is my screen shot. I have deleted the faces to protect the innocent…

I never even noticed you could do that. :doh:

You might try deleting all the items in the group and then you should get an option box to delete the empty group. That is what I got when I created an empty group and then tried to close the program.

Otherwise, I could not find where the information was stored. A search for the new group provided nothing. The information for all your groups may all be in only one file.

You might try creating another group in a time period when there hasn’t been much activity on your computer and then do a search for a file modified on that certain date. I found some .bin files and some .fac files which may hold the information, if it isn’t contained in the .nvc file itself.

I tried the file modification thing myself and found no files that made sense to me. That is why I thought maybe a registry key, not there either. I wish these were specific to the project so that it would be cleaner. If it is in a .bin or .fac file, I cannot edit them so that does me no good either.

Something to ponder. Maybe I will ask Nero Support.

I am using the latest Nero 7 some thing and have been trying to make dvd movies that will play on my stand alone dvd player. You seem to know how to do that. Nero codes the TS_Videos as .nvc which won’t play on my dvd player. How do you do it?