Nero Vision Extra somehow seems less



Sorry if this is the wrong place, but couldn’t find a forum specific to Nero Vision.

I’ve just upgraded to Nero 10 and was quite excited to see that it had lots of new extra features for editing. However, with any new version of a product, before you use the new stuff, you get familiar with how to still do the old stuff.

and that’s where things come a little unstuck…

With previous versions of Nero there was a neat little trick where you could progress the cursor along the time line at one hour, minute, second or sub second a click by clicking on the relevant column of the clock and then clicking on the Up/Down arrows. Now I can click on the clock, but can’t see any way to skip along by hour, minute, second etc. There is a Jog/Shuttle dial, but only useful for moving in the immediate vacinty. It appears the useful skip by unit feature has gone.

Once I’d reached the spot I want with the “cursor” I used to be able to click a button to cut the movie in two at that point. Again I can’t find a way to do this. There IS a cut tool, but this makes you find the exact point again (and with shakey hands you can miss), I can’t see a way to make the cut tool cut at the red cursor line, which does make me wonder why bother with the red cursor line if you can’t do anyting AT it. So it appears something just got harder.

Finally, and this is the big one for me, once you’ve chopped a movie up into segments you used to be able CUT a segment from one movie, and PASTE it into a new one. This was brilliant if you were taking some TV programs off a DVD recorded and splitting them into separate shows. You CAN still CUT, but when you get to the new movie, the option to PASTE is gone.

So does anyone know how to do these things in Nero Vision Extra which were phenominally simple and useful in Nero Vision 9? Until such a time as they are I’ve relabled 10 to Nero Vision Useless and gone back to version 9. :frowning: