Nero Vision Express

I have problems with sound syncronisation. I submit the emails I have send to them more than a month ago. Any Ideas?

First Mail:

>> Dear Sir,
>> In Nero Vision Express 2 if I encode *.avi files to burn DVD the
>> sound is not synchronized with the movie.
>> This start happening when I upgraded my computer to Athlon 2.6 GHz,
>> and continued in versions,, and in the new versions
>>, Though I have made complete new installation on new
>> H/D the problem remained.
>> Any suggestions?

Answer from Ahead:

To analyze your problem in detail, I need further information, so please tell me: What kind of source data are you trying to encode? Where are these files from? Does this problem only occur when you try to burn DVDs? Or does it also happen when try e.g. SVCD or VCD? Does this error only occur with one special movie or is this error in general present?

If you have any further questions please do not hestitate to contact us.

Second Mail:

I will try to answer as detailed as possible.
1." What kind of source data are you trying to encode? Where are these files from?"
The source data are *.avi files recorded in my PC from a Panasonic DV camera (NV-GX7) connected through fire wire port to my computer.
The program I used to record them was NeroVision and NeroVision2. The *.avi files are perfect and the sound is synchronized.

2." Does this problem only occur when you try to burn DVDs? Or does it also happen when try e.g. SVCD or VCD?"
The problem is the same when I record a DVD or SVCD the sound is always not synchronized. I have not tried VCD encoding.

3." Does this error only occur with one special movie or is this error in general present?"
The problem is always the same with all the movies I have tried (more than ten) no matter how long they are and is present to my PC for more than 3 months after upgrading to AthlonXP 2600+ though I have made two new Windows XP installations and I have upgraded from NeroVision to NeroVision2.

My configuration:
CPU: Athlon XP 2600+ (1.47 GHz)
Cooler: Global Win CAK II 38 (Copper, 7000 r/min)
M/B: Gigabyte GA-7VAXP-A Ultra Rev1.0 (Bios revision f3)
Ram: 1024MB Kingston PC2700 (333Mz CL2.5)
VGA: ATI Randeon 9000 Pro (128MB)
Monitor: Sony SDM M51 (TFT LCD Color Computer Display)
H/D: 1 WD360GD 36GB (SATA)
H/D: 2 WD800JB 80GB Raid0 (UATA 100)
SCSI: Adaptec AHA-2940 (SCSI Controler)
CDR: Plextor PX-40TS (SCSI)
CD-RW: Lite-ON LTR-52246S (UDMA 33)
DVD-R/RW: NEC ND-1100A (UDMA 33)
Sound: SB Audigy 2 (SB0240)
Modem: ISDN Intracom NetMode (USB)
Printer: HP DeskJet 895Cxi (USB)
Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite (USB)
Mouse: Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer (USB)
Scanner: Agfa Snapscan e50 Scaner (USB)
Camera: Agfa Cl20 Photo (USB)
DV Camera: Panasonic NV-GX7 (IEEE1394)
PSU: Levicom 450W
Case: Addtronics


I get this as well,
Sound starts Ok then gets way out of sync :-((

This is such a great program with a massive bug!

Please write your full configuration.
For me the problem started when I updated my computer.:frowning:

Here is how I solved this problem on my system:

  1. Clicked on the MORE tab on each screen, and UNchecked ALL options.

  2. If that does not do the trick on ‘some’ files, then I ALSO click on the MORE tab, and then the VIDEO OPTIONS tab, click on customize QUALITY SETTINGS, and then use the arrow key to drop it down to its lowest setting. If your 'puter hardware is up to date and of good quality, you will STILL get an excellent quality picture.

Also make sure you have a good quality FULL codec pack installed on your system, and you can also slow down the burn speed if your burner is not of high quality. My Lite-On burns good quality at 48x though.

Hope this is of some help to someone.


Hello Gang ~ I am Chaucer, of Virginia USA and the newest newbie.

I have Nero Ultra 6 and it is an excellent application. I wanted to copy old video files to DVD, so I got Plextor’s Convert X capture box. But Plextor uses a special proprietary version of WinDVD that is not recognized by Nero.

And when I just want to copy a VHS (or Beta) VCR to DVD, I need not waste
time and effort with menus, editing: I just want to copy old VHR videos to DVD. Period.

I an able to use the proprietary WinDVD and Plextor’s Convert X to input the movie files to my hard drive as mpg2 (mainly.) But to then create a Video DVD is an impossible hassle. But Nero Vision Express 2 will – at least, at first --allow me to “add video files” [that I added to my hard drive] to make a movie DVD. For awhile, it worked great.

Interestingly, the mpg “movies” created by WinDVD play perfectly on Nero Show Time of other computer movie applications.

But, NOW, when I burn the mpg files to DVD, the audio is 'way out of sync with the video. Nero advised I download and run a Nero Info Tool “cleanfix” application, and I did, and executed it, and the audio is still out of sync when burned to DVD.

I will appreciate your suggestions.


Obviously this is not rare. I read another post related that someone thought it was an inherent problem with Nero and likely was related to it dropping a small amount of frames creating the audio and video to be out of sync. I have burned a small video more than 8 times and consistantly it is out of sync by about 5 seconds with no frames dropped, so it said. I’m lost and frustrated as well. I am unwilling to transfer all my home edited movied to DVD with out of sync audio! I e-mailed the help people at Ahead and they requested all the log info to “analyze” it, but I haven’t had the time to send anything yet.
Any other suggestions??? better software?

I have much the same problem. I’m trying to back up some old VHS movies and find that there is an ever increasing sync error the longer the tape is. At about 1 1/2 hour, it is acceptable, but becoming noticeable. Beyond that, it is a problem. The sync error is that the video leads the audio. The captured MPEG2 file is good, no error. In trying to troubleshoot the problem, I found that the problem exists in the VOB files so it has nothing to do with the burner. It’s all in the transcoding. I also have a copy of Sonic MyDVD so, I tried installing it and creating a VOB fileset - same problem!

This leads me to believe there might be something in the system causing the problem, not Nero (or MyDVD).

My system is:
Compaq Presario SR1000T
XP Pro SP2
2.4 g P4
1 gig RAM
160 gig HDD
NeroVision Exp 2 version
Sonic MyDVD version 5.2 (shipped with burner)

Any ideas would certainly be appreciated.

Cyberlink Powerproducer Gold is a very good program for this. I have transferred VHS to DVD with no problem using the Plextor CovertX and Powerproducer. I found that the windvd creator that comes with the Plextor breaks some other programs on my computer, so I did a system restore to remove all traces of it.

There must be something more than just finding another transcoder. I see this kind of complaint a lot with many different transcoders - yet some people claim to have no problem. There’s something we’re missing…

Maybe I can shed some light on this …

I was recording (through Canopus ADVC-100) an episode of “ZZ” :bigsmile: with DVD-setting . Returned back another day with the next “ZZ”-episode recorded as AVI-1 . Burned both to one disc which is perfect in synchronization and sound .

At this point I might have updated NVExpress …

Later I tried to capture first Episode of “YY” with DVD-setting ; the sound was grunting and the file couldn’t be reduced in size - AND then I checked the first old “ZZ”-episode (DVD = MPEGformat) and NOW IT HAD BECOME GRUNTING IN SOUND AS YET ANOTHER MPEG-FILE UNRELATED AND EARLIER !!!

I don’t think the problem of video/audio sync described in this thread is related to the problem you described.

tkam111 started this thread and one statement was “<b>The *.avi files are perfect and the sound is synchronized</b>”. I have never had a problem with the captured mpeg sound. It is only when it has been transcoded to VOB that the problem surfaces.

Same problem! Tearing my hair out!!
The original avi file is perfectly synchronized however as soon as its burned to a DVD, it goes.
I would say for every hour of avi i lose about 3 or 4 seconds.
Ahead are no use.

Somebody help!

I have nero 6.3 and had a sync issue but just with the first 1 gb segment. I used dvd shrink to bk up a movie and turn it into vob files then I use nero to transcode it again from vob to vob then burn it to an image file then burn to cd. I think this method takes more time but fixes some issues. Clearly, ther is a bug with nero sound.

Hope it helps.

Are you encoding to NTSC or PAL?


I should wait until I am at home and can post my system statistics, but it is a quite
young AMD box / ASUS Deluxe mobo / 2 Gb Crucial RAM / All-in-wonder 9700

I just wanted to support this thread: NeroVision fails to synchronize sound on DVDs

FWIW: I think that ptregium’s interesting…I noticed with some surprise that NV
did not drop a single frame, where the capture app that came with my All-in-Wonder
card dropped a couple % consistently.

…but the results from the ATI capture had perfectly sync’ed audio.

I will certainly post any answers that I find.

P.S. Why did I leave the ATI app if it seemed to work: the audio levels were so high
that the sound was a bit blown out, and I have yet to figure out how to control this.
(Nero made this easy) …btw: I did check the system audio settings.

after 3 days and trying everything to solve the audio sync problem i have finally done it with PERFECT RESULTS.

i tried everything, older versions of Nero, VirtualDub etc etc etc.

tehn i saw another posters suggestion and put it to the test.


this works for Nero 6 vision express all versions.


its that simple, once this is done you will be able to make dvd’s from avi’s without the sync problem.

how do you do this.

1.remove your digital serial number. (make sure you keep it somewhere to re enter later)

  1. put your pc’s date forward 1 month so the codecs expire.

  2. use Nero vision express, it will now work correctly.

when done, put your serial number back to you can use recode and other things that are disabled when you remove the serial. also dont forget to put the clock back to the correct date.