Nero Vision Express

Hi all,
I have Nero for Windows and the feature I use most is converting .avi files to dvd using NeroVision express.
Is this available on NeroLinux?

Also since I have licensed copy of Nero for Windows (came with my DVD Burner, does that count?) how do I get my non-trial version of NeroLinux


NeroLINUX is not able to convert any movie file to DVD Video. It let you burn a DVD Video following the spec when you already have the .vob files.
If your Nero came with your burner, you normally have an OEM version. In that case, the serial number will not work with NeroLINUX. You can buy a standalone NeroLINUX sn on

Thanks for the information. With my OEM Nero on Windows all I use is the VisionExpress to convert avi to dvd. I do the burning using DVD Shrink.
I will see if on Linux I can make do with Gnubaker, otherwise I will consider to buy the Nero.