Nero Vision Express

Using Nero Vision Express 2 I split my hour long video into 12 scenes. Does anyone know if I can select individual scenes from the video, save them and then create a new video with only the selected scenes in it using Nero Vision Express 2?

I think the easiest way is to open up your Nero Vision project, delete the scenes you don’t want, re-arrange as desired, then save your edited project with a different name.

Thanks David for the prompt reply. That is what Nero Support suggests as well. They thought it an awkard way and were going to find out if there was a more expedient way. They have not gotten back to me yet.

The video is one of 6 hour long videos and are old (from the 1950’s) 8 mm movies that have been digitized. I want to bring scenes from several of the videos to make a new one. For instance, my parents will be on let’s say four of the 6 videos and I would like to select scenes from each of the 4 videos and make a “Parents Video”. Do you know how to put the scenes from the four videos into one?