Nero Vision Express



It may be my imagination, but I think the latest version of NVE takes much longer to transcode files thanprevious versions. Two TV episodes (350Mb each) that used to take 1.5 hours, now seem to take just over 2.

Has anybody else seen this :confused: :confused: :confused: ?


Not tired it myself so I cant say, is there the possability that any of your default settings have changed ??


None at all.


Yes, you are right, DrTeeth, used to take about a hour for most movies for me, now takes a hour and a half.


My complaint for the current version of NVE is that the displayed frame is always frame behind when advancing manually in the timer.

For example, if I’m at frame 1:00.00, and want to advance to 2:00.00, the image will not change. When I advance again to frame 3:00.00, it shows the image for 2:00.00.

Some may say I’m not waiting long enough for my system to render the new frame before advancing, but it doesn’t matter if I jump to the next one right away or a minute from now, the image is still not the one in the clock.

Another issue, which may be related, is that sometimes I’ll pause or jump to a point in a video, hit play, and I get sound but still see a still image.

I wish I could remember which version I was using before, because I would really like to switch back.


I’ve gone back to the previous version and notice quite an improvement in transcoding speeds.