Nero Vision Express

Tried using Nero Vision Express to author a DVD. I like it a lot, but I have one problem I was hoping someone could help me with. I’m putting 2 boxing matches onto 1 DVD. I have 2 video files, each one contains a different boxing match. I add these files to Nero Vision and create chapters for each file so I can view the fight by chapters rather than having to fast foward to round 7 to see the knockout punch. This is what happens. A main menu is created with 2 links, one to each movie. If I choose in NERO Vision Express to use chapter menus the following happens: A main menu is created and in the main menu I choose the link to the fight I want to see. It then takes me to the chapters menu for that fight. I can then choose which chapter I want to view OR I can choose chapter 1 and let the fight play out ( and use the next chapter button on the remote to navigate to different chapters ). It does NOT present me with a link that leads just to the movie itself (that can be navigated with the next chapters buttom). If I choose in Nero Vision Express to NOT use chapter menus I get a link to the fight in the main menu and clicking on that link takes me to the fight and I can navigate to different chapters by using the remote. It however does NOT present me with a scene selection menu as the first way did. Here is what I want to do. I want to be able to create a main menu that has a link that leads to a fight that I can use the next chapter button to view different chapters. I also want to have a link on the main menu called scene selection (like on DVD movies). This link would take me to another menu showing all the chapters and I can choose whichever one I want to view. The problem is selecting the “use title and chapter menus” in Nero. When I do this it automatically creates the chapters menu. I would like to use this option and then add a link to just the movie.