Nero Vision Express

Been using NVE 30127 and adding three mpeg files for transcoding to one disc with no problems. I decided last night to install and it wouldn’t let me add more than 1 file. I tried to add a second file and it came up as exceeding disc space, as they are only small mpeg files I couldn’t work it out because after adding one file the counter at the bottom of the page was almost full yet on 30127 it wasn’t. Needless to say I uninstalled and reverted back so I could get the files on one disc, can anyone shed any light on this

Don’t tweak if it ain’t broke!

I learned that by my mistake I just wondered if anyone else had noticed this

I’m running v3.1.0.0 and have no such problems.

You need to check your video options - apparently they are different in different versions. So while the source MPEGs can be small, what you need to pay attention to is their lenght (time).

What kind of MPEGs are they btw? Format, bitrate, audio stream, lenght etc.

I have no idea, I’ll stick to the old version at least thay works

provide more information about these mpeg’s files, if these files were encoded by another software I recommend the trialware Tmpgenc software will re-encode your mpg’s.

It works fine on the old version so I’ll stick to that, as someone said if it ain’t broke don’t fix it