Nero Vision Express



Only just started to use ,

Thing I am really stuck on is cutting out adverts or unwanted material, for DVD
authoring. I can do the start and finish thing, but when I try to cut out adverts etc I am at a loss, using the cutting tool , I either get a message section is to big to cut or I leave what I want to cut out and remove the rest’
Any Help


Try using Recode.


Sorry; if you were, try “Recode main Movie (only)” or “Remake DVD” where you can pick just the titles you want.


Dear friends can you please help on something because Iam new on these kind of things, :bow: can you please tell me the steps how I can record and break a dvd movie and also what programes do I need to have.



DVD Decripter and NVE2 not NVE3 because it still sucks!


I’m using NeroVideoExpress 3 (specifically And for copying DVD’s it works wonderfully.

Also you should get, as suggested, the latest DVD Decrypter and read each programs’ help files or the guides in this forum and others.

In the most general way, DVD Decrypter rips DVD’s to your hard drive and can burn unprocessed data back out to disk if there are no file size limitations. Otherwise you need to compress the video, for which Nero Recode works well (but it isn’t free) or DVD Shrink will do for free. I haven’t used Shrink but many here have and it is supposed to be quite similar to Recode and works pretty well, too, I believe. You need a DVD burner, blank DVD’s, and at least 10 free gigs of hard drive space and I’d guess a computer no more than 4 or 5 years old to process the info fast enough you don’t go insane waiting.


thank you for useful advises unfortunatelly I have a lap top is pentium3 650hrz and my hard disk is 11giga, is another way that I have to use less space in my hard disk so I can write a dvd


AnyDVD and CloneDVD.


Depends how much free space you have to work with after installing all the software you need (to process dvd ripping and burning, plus your OS and all your other apps. and docs.).

Most DVD’s are betweem 4 and 9 gigs of raw data - some offer as much as 12. You’re computer can process the data straight from the disk (but this will be probably much slower) and you’ll still need room for the temp files and the final disk image. But certainly with that setup you’ll only be able to work on one disk at a time, I’d think. I do a lot of skydiving video so I just kept adding hard drives to my tower till I couldn’t fit any more, and now have nearly a terrabyte of storage. But I find performance seems to go down when any particular drive gets to full; I like to try and maintain at least 20% 25% free space; so files don’t get to fragmented. It’s pretty hard to upgrade laptops, though, so I’m not sure they best thing for you to do.