Nero vision express wont encode

hi, i have nero 6.6.08, when i add my movie
files from my hardrive to encode and then burn to disc on nve it always
stops saying burn error failed, can any one plz help me, or tell me if ive got a setting wrong or something, ive been through to nero, thay just said ad a patch which i have done but it still stops,

Perhaps someone could help you more if you posted your error log.

Also, have you tried first burning to your hard drive, and then burning the hard drive files onto a video dvd using nero burning rom? Whether that succeeds or fails might clue someone into what’s happening.

this is my error log, i have also reinstalled nero 6, still doesnt work vision express

I have just put on Tmpgenc on a 30day trial basis also, it started encoding but after 7 mins got this message. read error occured at address 015F7956 of module P3Package.dll with 00DFFE10, I have in my comp. cpu amd athlon xp 2171mhz, bus speed 167mhz. motherboard gigabyte nvidia-nforce2. memory 512. video nvidia geforce FX5600XT, please does anyone know why my computer wont encode