Nero Vision Express. What do you think?

Hi there.
What do you think about Ahead Nero Vision Express, to make SVCD or VCD, or DVD also “for lucky DVDr-rw units owners”, after having ripped from DVD ?

According to Ahead advertise it should be one of the easiest ways to make good quality SVCD or VCD.
I haven’t tried yet. Did you? Suggestions? Tricks?

In my expreiance, the quality of Nero VCD & SVCD conversions absolutely sucks. As for burning, works great for VCD and DVDR’s, not so good for SVCD’s (poor playback options on your DVD Player). The freeware VCDEasy is the best for VCD & SVCD.

I used Nero Vision Experess last night to burn a SVCD onto my CD media. It was around a 15 minute home movie segment that I capture in both AVI (very large file(s) ) and MPG. It transcoded the MPG into SVCD and took about an hour to do. The resulting CD will play with Power DVD but won’t play in a set top. Quality is not that good, so looking for other options.

I used the Leadtek WinFast 2000 XP Deluxe capture card and it came with PVR (Personal Video Recorder) and has a host of options for capture. Perhaps I did not choose wisely.:o

I do have a DVD burner and would be willing to burn to DVD format if that is possible. Any suggestions? Perhaps re capture with a different method other than the above 2 mentioned?

As far as quality… :Z

Like I said, Nero encodes would have to be one of the worst on the market with regards to quality.

Have a read of the AVI to SVCD or the AVI to DVDR Tutorials in the Tutorial section.

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“for lucky DVDr-rw units owners”, after having ripped from DVD ?

The Nero Express excells in the DVD burning category,I’ve always
liked the fact that it recognizes the speed for the disc you are using right away. Unfortunately,it showed me that on a spindle of 4x media I got last month from a PC show,the guy slipped in some 2x… :a
But anyway,no problems encountered whatsoever with the burning of DVD’s in Nero Express…maybe now that DVD’s work,the parent company (Ahead) can work from the top down,and fix the transcoding issues with VCD,and SVCD…

the idea is very good…but as said before…the codecs are not of the highest quality (vcd/svcd/dvd)

for people who just start to burn cd’s it is very good