Nero Vision Express updates don't work for me



I used to use NVE to make dvds from avi files with subtitles on them, I loaded the subtitles with ffdshow so the subtitles weren’t part of the actual video files but when loaded and encoded the result was a dvd with non-switchable subtitles on it, it was all perfect. Until I updated to version the subtitles were gone I the settings to load them was the same I actually open the avi files in winmediaplayer and the subtitles were there but some how nve blocked the subtitles. So then I tryed to get back to the version that worked fine for me with subtitles loading. I browse in and couldn’t fine the updates of the previous versions, so at least find them and when I installed them everything was fine again, I started the enconding process as usual and just when it gets to the part of creating the image file it appears an error message that says can’t create dvd structure. i have no idea of what to do I have tried again to update to the newest to see if the subtitle problem was some how fixed but it wasn’t, and get back again to the nve and still the same problem can’t create dvd structure,

I attached the log file of the error and the infotool file of my settings and system please someone help me!!