Nero Vision Express quiet audio levels?!

I’m using the latest version of nero vision express to convert my backup xvids to dvd. I just did a 2cd Fear and loathing in las vegas which is xvid with AC3 5 channel sound. Once converted, the audio on the dvd is very very quiet! Have to turn the tv all the way up to just about hear it! Any ideas how to solve this problem?

Err… yeah get better XVids?

Seriously, working with AC3 5-channel audio is a bit of a pain. :frowning:

this XviD is perfectly fine as it is. The audio only goes quiet when converted to dvd format by nero vision express.


A DVD will be quieter than an XVID on the same system. Have you tried it in your set-top box? Perhaps you should use a different encoder if it’s really a problem. :slight_smile:

Also it CAN still be an issue with the XVID and the way the audio was encoded.

It’s not just marginally quieter, it’s barely audiable at the same volume level on both my pc and TV/standalone player as I explained in the first post, I had to turn the TV all the way up.

Is there any thing as quick and easy as nero vision express for creating DVDs from divx/xvids?

AFAIK you can only convert the AC3 5.1 audio in Nero Vision Express to AC3 2.0. To use 5 channel audio you need the multi-channel audio plugin which costs extra from what I’ve seen on forums and the Nero website.

There is one thing you could try and that’s once you’ve imported the .avi file into Nero Vision Express, you can then double-click on the video that’s been imported and then right-click on the video track and select Properties. A window should open with an audio-level control. The default level is 100% and you can move the slider to 200%. It doesn’t make a great difference but it’s better than the default for sure.



Edit: I’m also trying a free program DivX to DVD Converter at the moment. It’s keeping the AC3 5.1 soundtrack, so I’ll see how that goes.

Follow up to my last post, I’ve just ran a conversion of City By The Sea Xvid which I converted from my original DVD before I had a DVD burner. I’m happy to say this program converts excellently and keeps the AC3 5.1 track intact. So I hope you can use this to your advantage.



Whats the program called that you’re using and where did you get it?

It’s called VSO DivxToDVD and you can get the free version here.



down load divx and that should sort it