Nero vision express problems

hi guys I have been using nero vision express for burning dowloaded avi files from my pc to dvd for a long time now but all of a sudden every time I started the program nothing happened?! each time I re clicked on the icon it told “nero express is already running” ??? . after trying everything i could think of to fix this (system restore, re installing etc) and nothing making a difference I purchased a copy of nero 6 including nero vision express 3 se and reinstalled only to find that this version of nero does not include the option to burn avi to dvd??? I really dont get this and its driving me crazy please help :confused:

go to task manager and close nero.exe then click on the icon and it will work

Legal downloaded avis?

NVE does not differentiate on the ‘legality’ of downlaoded files, thank goodness :cool: .