Nero Vision Express problem

I am trying to convert some avi. files into a watchable DVD. I load the .avi files into vision express, create the menu etc. and then hit burn/write. On this occasion it was writing to a hard disk folder. Transcoding starts and everything goes fine. It says its going to be 3 hours + so i go and do something else. When i turn my monitor back on in the morning, the screen is back to the desktop and there is no clue vision express has even been running. It is no surprise that when i open the target folder, it is empty. The following evening after a restart and de-frag, i decided to try it sraight to the DVD drive. Exactly the same happens.
Without sitting and watching it, I do not know at what point the program is returning to desktop exactly, other than the first time, it was with less than 1 hour to go when i last checked before hitting the sack.

Anyone else had a similar problem or could shed any light on why this might be happening. I have plenty of HD space available and the .avi`s were on the HD.

Due to the size of the files, it was performing the operation in “extended mode” to fit it all on the DVD.

I have used this software before for smaller clips from my digicam without problems.

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

P4 2.4ghz 533
768 mb pc2700 DDR
2 x Maxtor 80gb DM9+